Who are we?

Chemicalfingerprinting.com is a network and center of knowledge for stakeholders with an interest in chemical fingerprinting. It was initiated in 2020 by the Analytical Chemistry group at Copenhagen University (UCPH) and Eurofins A/S. The participating organizations are largely defined by a collaborative network revolving around the Analytical Chemistry group at UCPH.

Rules and guidelines

In our chemical fingerprinting center of knowledge we have defined some rules and guidelines that all participating organizations should follow: 

  • Participating organizations will meet approximately once a year.
  • It is expected that all who participate will dedicate time to update the web page.
  • Each organization will be able to link to their own webpage.
  • Each organization is listed under the “Partners” section.

The rules and guidelines may be changed in accordance to the development of the web page.


If you are interested in joining the network or if you have any questions, please contact Jan H. Christensen (jch@plen.ku.dk) or Peter Mortensen (pm@eurofins.dk).